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Colinies Takes 3rd Place at COST 2019

POSTED BY 1Life2PlayGG 09.06.2019

It was a great day to play some Smash in Columbus, OH and Colinies proved how great he is by representing OH and most notably NEOSmash at COST 2019 on June 8th.

Losing ultimately to heavy-hitters Yeti and MVD, Colinies pulled out an amazing 3-2 win in Winner’s Semifinal sending MVD to the Loser’s Bracket. It was the runback in Loser’s Finals, of course, that meant the end for the incredible run through the 253-player bracket.

Never letting himself get down on his play, Colin is taking the experience in stride and enjoyed his time at COST 2019.

“3rd at COST 2019, it was a great event and I had a ton of fun. I’m gonna get so much better I promise,” tweeted Colinies at the end of the night.

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