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Colinies Takes 3rd Place at Victory Road in MI

POSTED BY 1Life2PlayGG 24.03.2019

With a win against Ryuga, Daybreak, and two wins on Smasher1001, Colinies returns home from Victory Road a 3rd Place winner. In double elimination play, Colinies dropped 2 games in matchups with Olimar. It was a tricky matchup with both pint size players attempting to bait the other into their heavy damage combos, but Goma’s Olimar continued to come out on top. In a effort to work back into the mix, Colinies pulled out his Ridley looking for anything to stop the Olimar nightmare going down.

“I have no idea how to fight Olimar, I knew that was a big weakness of mine coming into this tourney so I can’t be too mad” Colinies revealed in Tweet.

Colinies will continue his 2019 campaign this week with Smashing Grounds, Colinies Training Grounds, and look forward to attending 2GG Prime Saga.

Check the full bracket from Victory Road here or watch the stream on GooshiGaming’s Channel here.

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