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Daybreak goes 5-2 at Pound 2019, Ties for 17th Place

POSTED BY 1Life2PlayGG 22.04.2019

Coming in as the 47th Seed out of 802 participants in the Smash Ultimate Singles Bracket at Pound 2019, Daybreak was off to a great start! Winning his first 3 matches on opening day and then rolling into Saturday on the Winners side, he racked up 2 more wins. One of those wins was against Light’s Fox in a 2-1  Victory set. This set him up for a best of 5 match against DA Sinji in which Daybreak lost 1-3. Now in the Losers side he faced Ally and was defeated 0-3, as Ally went on to win the bracket going 10-0 out of 18th seed.

Congrats to Daybreak for the continued success. In a tweet after the event Daybreak stated regarding his 17th placement,

“…one of my best placings yet and got my best win ever. Had an amazing weekend playing and hanging with friends, probably my favorite Ultimate experience so far!”

Teammate Colinies finished in the Top 100 (97th) and looks to return to form next month as they travel to Midwest Arena and later Smash N Splash with third teammate Eddie G. As a team, Colinies and Daybreak came in 25th place out of 139 teams in the Ultimate Doubles bracket, going 3-2.

Colinies also took 25th place (178) in the Squad Strike side event. Congrats to the 1L2P Smash Squad! Follow them on twitter to catch their tips, ramblings, updates, and stream!

Daybreak on Twitter

Colinies on Twitter

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